Nordisch Masters 13./14. May 2017 Bremen, Germany

Information og debat om turneringer og arrangementer.

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Nordisch Masters 13./14. May 2017 Bremen, Germany

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Nordfisch Masters 2017

Once again Kritisch Daneben invites all WM/H players to join us for the fourth installment of the Nordisch Masters, which will once again take place in the centrally located Bremen youth hostel.

We have space for 64 players to compete for trophies, glory and the infamous „Knüppel“ on 13th and 14th May 2017. While we won't be able to offer last year's small team tournament on Friday, we have managed to once again draw the interest of the Pag5 video crew.

Registration will start on 27th November at 8 pm. The first 6 players to register will get a preliminary spot in the tournament and should transfer the starting fee of 25 Euros to our account by 31st December 2016 to secure that spot (that means the money being on our account by midnight on New Year's Eve).
To thank whose who have been faithful to us we decided to reserve spots for those who have visited us every year so far. We'll publish a list of these veterans in the near future.
If there are any spots left unpaid for by the 1st January 2017 we will announce a list of replacements who will then get a deadline to transfer the starting fee.

The deadline for the lists is the 23rd April 2017 after which we will publish them on Page5 for checking. There will special online document for handing in your lists. Precreating your lists on troop creator should help.

We will apply whichever masters rules are valid at that time.

Playing a fully painted list will let you win the starting roll automatically against a not fully painted list.

If you would like to join the race for best painted please tell us so when handing in your lists. There will be categories for army, unit and single miniature, tow of which you can register for by clearly marking the list or miniature(s).

Registration for accomodation at the youth hostel will work through You have the option of booking breakfast, lunch and dinner as well but there also several restaurants and the likes in walking distance from the youth hostel.
Snacks and drinks (including wine, Veltins and Beck's from the other side of the river) are available for reasonable prices. However, due to the house rues of the youth hostel you are not allowed to consume any self brought snacks and drinks on the premises.

Meals include:
breakfast: breakfast buffet and drinks
lunch: salad, warm lunch, drinks
dinner: main dish with two sides, salad and vegetables, dessert and drinks

If you need a vegetarian option please tell us so when booking.

Kritish daneben, Bremen and Highlander Games Bremen are looking forward to seeing you!